Best maintenance tips for a long-lasting golf car

At Golf Cars Australia, we take pride on the level of our retail and fleet servicing standards. Whether it’s at our completely equipped workshop or our convenient mobile service, our fully trained and qualified staff members have got your back. Our technicians and auto electricians are available for full services and our repair warranty ensures you are always being looked after.

However, while we recommend servicing your golf cart every six months, we also believe you can play your part with in-between maintenance, to keep your prized golf cart running smoothly and in mint condition.

To make it easier, we decided to compile the following top seven tips and recommend you do these routinely every two weeks for best results:

  • Battery maintenance: ensure the golf car battery is kept clean and properly charged to prevent corrosion. Check water levels regularly too, and if necessary, top up with distilled water. We recommend checking every 2-3 weeks. Remember, for electric golf cars make sure to recharge the car every time you’re not using it.
  • Tire pressure: check the air pressure regularly of your golf carts’ tires to ensure they are not over or under inflated. Uneven tire pressure can lead to premature tire wear and lead to an uncomfortable ride. Additionally, worn tires can lead to poor traction and increase the risk of accidents, so be sure to replace them when needed.
  • Wheel alignment: after checking the tire air pressure, you can use a level to ensure equal height on all four wheels while keeping the cart properly balanced with an even weight distribution. Drive the car straight ahead and check for any pulling or vibrations that indicate poor wheel alignment.
  • Lubrication: apply a light lubricant to moving parts, such as hinges and especially the kingpins. Kingpins are a vital part your golf cart’s suspension and handling, and if kept un-lubricated, metal corrosion can wreck the golf carts’ suspension system prematurely.
  • Brake inspection: inspect the brake system regularly and ensure the brakes are functioning properly. Check for any excessive travel which may prevent optimum levels for breaking safely.
  • Tighten screws and bolts: a great habit to get into before hitting the green is to check your golf car for any loose screws and bolts, and if needed give them a little tightening.
  • Keep spotless: keeping your golf car sparkling clean will not only keep you looking smart on the green but will add to its longevity. Hosing down the cart can potentially damage electrical parts, so we recommend diluted dish soap in water and using a microfibre towel to wipe down the outside and interior of the golf cart.

And there you have it. A simple check list that will keep you tinkering with your cherished golf cart, keep you safe while driving, and give you maximum use. More importantly if you stick to this check list on a regular basis, you’ll keep your repair bills to a minimum. But if you’re ever in doubt, remember our team are always here to help you with any questions you may have.