Getting around at large scale events – golf cars are the answer!

Golf cars have long been associated with the game of golf, but in recent years, they have gained popularity as a form of transportation at large-scale events. From music festivals to sporting events, golf carts are becoming an increasingly common sight on event grounds and Golf Cars Australia have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest events across different industries.

In 2022 we proudly supplied 68 Golf Cars to Australian PGA Championships at the Royal Queensland Golf Club and most recently, the Golf Management Australia Day hosted at Links Hope Island Golf Club.  

But for all large-scale event producers out there, take note; Golf Cars Australia also supply and cater to other industry large scale events, not just golf. These include school fetes, concerts and multi-day music festivals, trade shows, conventions, and major sporting events such as the GC600 and motor racing events.

We have partnered with the Gold Coast show this coming September 1-3 where we will be supplying cars to transport VIP’s around the event, including media, show hosts and event staff.

6 seat golf car

To help, we’ve summarised the top five key benefits of hiring golf carts as a form of transportation for your next large-scale event.

  • Efficient and cost-effective: as a highly efficient form of transportation, golf carts can easily transport people and navigate easily through crowds. Event organisers can move event staff or heavy, bulky items more easily while reducing congestion and improving the event’s overall flow. Additionally, hiring golf carts is often more cost-effective than hiring larger vehicles such as buses or shuttles.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: golf carts are designed for easy manoeuvring, even in tight spaces.  Whether transporting people across a festival site or moving VIPs around a sporting event, golf carts can get the job done because they are ideal for navigating through crowds and accessing areas that larger vehicles can’t.
  • Eco-friendly: with a growing focus on sustainability, hiring golf carts is a great way to reduce your event’s carbon footprint. Golf carts are electric or gas-powered, producing fewer emissions than traditional vehicles. This means they are an eco-friendly option for event organizers who want to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Improved accessibility: large-scale events can be challenging for people with mobility issues, but golf carts can help to improve accessibility. They can be used to transport people with disabilities or mobility issues to different areas of the event, making it easier for them to enjoy everything that the event has to offer. This can help to make your event more inclusive and accessible to everyone.
  • Branding opportunities: Golf carts may be customised to feature your event’s branding with a supplied sticker or velcro decal. This can be a great way to increase brand recognition and create a memorable experience for attendees or corporate sponsors making you an absolute winner in your client’s eyes.

And there you have it. Hiring golf carts as a form of transportation for large-scale events really is the smartest choice for large event and conference organisers. Golf carts are efficient, cost-effective, easy to manoeuvre, and eco-friendly and can help improve accessibility and inclusivity. Lastly, they can be an eye-catching, roving branding tool, with customised magnetic decals of event or sponsor logos.