Golf Cars Revolutionise Residential Living

A Testimonial from Sanctuary Cove’s Happy Golf Car Owner

In recent years, a trend has been sweeping through residential areas, redefining the concept of local transportation. In places like Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island Resort on the Gold Coast, residents are taking advantage of council permissions that allow them to drive golf cars for everyday activities.

These nifty electric vehicles have become a staple for many families, providing a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and enjoyable way to navigate their neighbourhoods. This month, we sat down with Tim Davies, a satisfied Club Car golf car owner who, along with his young family, made the switch to this greener and more convenient lifestyle just over a year ago.

Tim’s story starts with the purchase of a 4 Seater, Electric Club Car Onward, a sleek and reliable golf car model. Like many families, Tim’s household consists of young children and a furry companion, making mobility a top priority.

‘My family and I moved to Sanctuary Cove about 18 months ago and the rental house we were living in included a golf buggy. Originally in the market for a second family car, we quickly saw the benefits of owning a golf buggy far outweighed those of a traditional vehicle.

Dog sitting in club car

‘It’s been a game-changer for us. We use the Onward every day for various errands and outings. Whether it’s taking the kids and our dog to the park, grabbing groceries, or going out for dinner, the golf car has become an integral part of our lives.

‘The purchase process was easy thanks to Colin and Lachlan at Golf Cars Australia located in the Sanctuary Cove Village. Their attention to detail was second to none and I love the fact that I can drive down to the Village and visit them easily if I have any questions or concerns.’

One of the most significant benefits of owning a golf car in these residential areas is the council’s permission for their usage. This green light from local authorities not only makes golf cars street-legal but also endorses them as a practical means of transportation within the community. The result is a seamless integration of these electric vehicles into the daily lives of residents, enabling them to explore their neighbourhood in a fun and eco-conscious way.

Colin Sergis, CEO of Golf Cars Australia says, ‘We’d love to see more councils embrace Golf Car Communities in Australia. The United States has seen a large increase in these communities in recent times, and I envisage the same happening in Australia.’

Family picnic sitting in Club Car

The eco-friendly aspect of owning a Club Car Golf Car has emerged as a significant selling point. These quiet and emission-free electric vehicles contribute to reduced air pollution and noise, making them ideal for a harmonious suburban lifestyle.

Furthermore, golf cars present an economical choice for families like Tim’s. The cost of owning and maintaining a golf car is substantially lower than a traditional vehicle. With fewer moving parts and electric powertrains, the maintenance expenses are minimal. Club Car vehicles are manufactured in the USA and are the only vehicles with a full aluminium chassis which means they are built to last, particularly in the harsh Australian climate.

Moreover, the relatively low upfront investment in a Golf Car proves to be a wise financial decision, given the substantial savings on fuel and upkeep in the long run.

Tim’s love for his Club Car Onward is evident. ‘I never thought a Golf Car could make such a positive impact on our lives,’ he mused. ‘It’s changed the way we think about transportation and has added a touch of joy to our daily routines. I can’t imagine going back to relying solely on our traditional car.’

Tim’s endorsement is a testament to the transforming power of golf cars in residential areas like Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island. As more families embrace this sustainable, cost-effective, and fun mode of transport, it paves the way for a cleaner and happier community, one ride at a time. With council support and enthusiastic owners like Tim leading the way, the future looks bright for golf cars in our neighbourhood’s.

family in golf car at the beach. Club Car onward