Introducing Garia Golf Cars — the perfect blend of luxury style and functionality

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As the premier dealer of golf cars on the Gold Coast,  we are excited to announce the addition of the luxurious Garia Golf Cars to our high-end range at Golf Cars Australia. With their sleek design, advanced technology and state-of-the-art engineering, Garia Golf Cars offer more than just a ride on the golf course;  they make a statement about your lifestyle.

Since 2005 and inspired by Danish design, Garia Golf Cars have been revolutionising the golf and leisure car industry by creating a practical, stylish, comfortable, and environmentally friendly car. Although designed with golfers in mind, Garia Golf Cars offer much more in use beyond the golf course.

The Garia Golf Cars are also highly customisable, with many options to make your car unique and in line with your style. The options available for personalising your Garia Golf Car are endless, from premium materials for the seats and dashboard, to different types of wheels and tyres. You can even choose from a spectrum of colours and finishes to truly make it one of a kind.

One of the best features of Garia Golf Cars is the option to make them street-legal for daily commutes*. By adding features such as street-legal tires, lights and turn signals, allows you to drive your Garia legally on roads with speed limits of 50 km per hour or less*. Owning a Garia Golf Car means you can use your golf car beyond the green and also for daily commutes, running errands or picking up groceries from your local store.

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Another significant advantage of Garia Golf Cars is their environmentally friendly electric motors, which emit zero emissions. You can enjoy your golf game or daily commute while feeling good about your carbon footprint.

Equipped with other high-end mechanical features designed to make your golfing experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, the Garia Golf Car is the ultimate vehicle for any serious golfer. Its quiet electric motor lets you glide smoothly around the course without disturbing other players and the spacious interior offers plenty of room for you, your golf bag, and more. 

The advanced technology means you can keep your phone, GPS, and other devices fully charged and within easy reach. The built-in cooler keeps your drinks cold and the Bluetooth sound system lets you play your favourite tunes while golfing. Plus, the touchscreen display provides access to various apps and features.

So if you feel the stylish new luxury Garia Golf Car is the perfect golf and leisure car for you, to get you from home to the green, to the local store or to zip around in your neighbourhood while leaving zero emissions, then join our waitlist today and chat to us about how to customise your Garia to your exact specifications. 

Remember, Golf Cars Australia are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and support on everything about selecting the perfect golf car to discussing the best financial option to suit your commitments and lifestyle. We can’t wait to help you choose your luxury Garia Golf Car.

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*Disclaimer: Please ensure that you verify the applicable regulations set by your local government in the states where you intend to use our products.*